Oct 30
Local Event

Minnesota Warm Project at All-Industry Day

10/30/17 10:30am to 2:00pm

The Minnesota CPCU Chapter's Good Works Committee 

You can help by collecting sweaters, sweatshirts and warm outerwear at All-Industry Day to give to Sharing and Caring Hands. (http://sharingandcaringhands.org) Set up a collection at your office with the signs attached in the materials tab. 

New an used clothing in good condition in all sizes is welcomed.  This is a great way to give new life to items you or your kids have outgrown.  Just bring your items to All-Industry Day where we will have bins near the registration table for you to drop them off.  The Good Works Committee will take care of getting them to Sharing and Caring Hands.

Want to make an even bigger impact?  Get your Co-workers to help! Many companies allow employees to collect for charities.  If yours is one of those companies, you can organize a Minnesota Warm Project drive at your company and bring all the donations with you to All-Industry Day.  It's easy, and we provide some of the tools.  Here's how to do it:

  1. Get permission from the appropriate person in your office, including how you will be allowed to advertise the project, where (e.g. break room) and when (e.g. the 2 weeks before All-I Day) donations will be accepted.  Advertising can include company newsletter and posters.
  2. If you will use posters to advertise, download and save the poster form from the Materials Tab above and follow the instructions for customizing and printing.
  3. Collect empty boxes and/or bags for the donations well in advance so you have enough.  Copier paper boxes are a great size to use.
  4. Download the Donation Box Sign from the Materials Tab above and customize it, following the instructions
  5. Attach the box signs to the boxes and put the boxes out the day before collection starts.
  6. Collect the boxes at the end of the last donation day and bring them with you to All-Industry Day.

Event Materials


Download and save the this poster for editing. Editing should include inserting your company logo/and or name where indicated as well as the information about where and when donations will be accepted. Font in red should be changed to black before printing. After it has been customized, print as many copies as as you need for posting around your office. Bright, but light colored paper such as yellow is most effective.
Download and save the this poster for editing with your company logo/and or name where indicated. Print and attach to the outside of collection boxes. Copy paper boxes are a great size for collecting items.