Speaker's Bureau

Our Minnesota CPCU chapter is dedicated to serving our communities in as many ways as possible.  We all agree that one of the most significant public services that we can provide to the non-insurance public is education on various insurance related issues.  If you have give a speech, training session or participate in presenting a seminar, please take the time to complete the Speaker’s Bureau report, downloadable here, as soon as you make your presentation and send it to:

        Royanna G. Carle, MA, CPCU, RMPE

         Berkley Risk Administrators Company, LLC

         222 South 9th Street, Suite 1300

         Minneapolis, MN  55402-3332.


Here are some examples of speeches that would qualify:

  • One hour session in a junior or senior high school talking to students about insurance issues or careers
  • Presentation to an university insurance club or organization
  • Participating on a panel discussion on an insurance topic
  • Training an industry group about a specific insurance coverage
  • Training a customer group about a general insurance topic
  • Educating a local homeowners’ association about insurance and insurance issues
  • Formal speech to the general public

There are many more possibilities too!  

Thank you for sharing your hard-earned knowledge with the general public - your professionalism is showing!